“Discipline is the most important part of success”
Truman Capote

We know that an up to date and well managed accountancy is the main, most reliable tool a businessman counts upon when it comes to making decisions with their business. We know also that your time is precious, and for this we’ve developed an integral accounting service.

We solve your accounting needs, whatever your working system or IT tools your company uses.

With this service, we do a preliminary study of the actual company to analyze it’s accounting operations and to determin what it’s needs are, so that we can offer the service that best fits these needs.

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La Mandagora


“With RD Asesores I’ve been able to reduce my problems with Hacienda to zero and dedicate all my efforts to my business.”

– Rudolf Sandrik
Restaurant La Mandrágora

Jorge Rojas


“The best thing about working with professionals isn’t how much they cost, but how much they benefit your business.”

– Jorge Rojas

Fresco Film


“We’d like to thank you for your professionalism and dedication in all of our projects. Thanks for your good work and the results obtained. You’re part of the success of our productions.”

– Peter Welter
Fresco Film



“Our group of businesses has worked with RD Asesores since it’s foundation. During all these years we’ve developed a professional relationship that has proven to be on of the keys to our success. Our most sincere thanks to Carlos, Juan Carlos and all their team for all the years of hard work and continuous success.”

– Alberto Rojas
España incoming & incentives



“For Deca, working day to day with the backing of RD Asesores is of vital importance. For us it’s a reassurance to know we count with their permanent and immediate advice. We’re delighted with their impeccable service and we’d like to highlight the work of each and every person that forms their team.”

– Susana Rodriguez



“Since we entrusted the management of our fiscal issues to RD Asesores, as well as always giving us a trustworthy, personal service, they’ve also shown great professionalism and efficiency. For that, we’ll continue to count on their collaboration to grow together for many years.”

– Ricardo Freniche
Gala Decoración

Based on these preliminary studies, we’ll be in a position to offer our advice under any of the following options:

Accounting over the internet

  • The procedure is extremely agile and reliable. It requires the business to have at least one experienced accountant on board and minimal IT equipment.
  • Our experts advice on everything needed for the installation and transfer of data over the internet, as well as the compatibility of accountancy programs.
  • The saved data is received via the internet, revised and rectified however necessary, processing the accountancy that is then re-sent back to the business via the same medium, leaving the accountancy saved on our computers, allowing for all types of consultations via telephone or email.

Advice and accountancy in the actual company

  • In the cases where the company runs it’s accounts in it’s address, advisory and technical direction of the accounting can permanently be given, with visits to the company every month by the personnel.
  • Implantation of accountancy in the business, elaboration of an adapted accounts plan for the company’s activity, implantation of sectorial plans, administrative organization and internal control.

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