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The new reform of the Penal Code (LO 1/2015), incorporates a complete development of the penal responsibilities that companies are subject to, but also, the system of exemptions from said responsibilities.

Prevention of crimes or significant reduction of the risk of them

Our team of credited Compliance Officers is specialized in the implementation of the Penal Compliance Protocol, parting from a rigurous analysis of the structure of the client, of their decision making process and their pre-existing internal controls.

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The new Penal code reform that was put in place on the 1st of July 2015 (LO 1/2015) incorporates, as a novelty, a complete development of the penal responsibilities that companies can be involved in, but also, the exemption systems of said responsibilities (article 31 BIS C.P.).

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For both the company and it’s administrators to be exempt of penal responsibility it will need to count upon a Penal Compliance Organization Model that’s adequate for the prevention of crimes or the reduction of the risks of these happening.

Our team of credited Compliance Officers is specialized in implanting the Penal Compliance Protocol, parting from a rigorous analysis of the client’s structure, the processes of decision generation and the pre-existing internal controls, with the objective of implementing the tool in the most efficient way with the lowest possible interference in the ordinary company procedures.

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