“The good archer isn’t judged by his arrows, but by his accuracy”

Thomas Fuller

We’re convinced of the importance of human resources in a company, and on it’s success, in many occasions, the present and future of your company lies, therefore you must not take risks.

Services in employment matters tackle all the companies problems in their complete extension.

This office counts on the right professionals to deal with all necessities that could arise in the employment area.

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La Mandagora

“With RD Asesores I’ve been able to reduce my problems with Hacienda to zero and dedicate all my efforts to my business.”

Rudolf Sandrik | Restaurant La Mandrágora.

Jorge Rojas

“The best thing about working with professionals isn’t how much they cost, but how much they benefit your business.”

Jorge Rojas | Makisoft.

Fresco Film

“We’d like to thank you for your professionalism and dedication in all of our projects. Thanks for your good work and the results obtained. You’re part of the success of our productions.”

Peter Welter | Fresco Film.


“Our group of businesses has worked with RD Asesores since it’s foundation. During all these years we’ve developed a professional relationship that has proven to be on of the keys to our success. Our most sincere thanks to Carlos, Juan Carlos and all their team for all the years of hard work and continuous success.”

Alberto Rojas | España incoming & incentives.


“For Deca, working day to day with the backing of RD Asesores is of vital importance. For us it’s a reassurance to know we count with their permanent and immediate advice. We’re delighted with their impeccable service and we’d like to highlight the work of each and every person that forms their team.”

Susana Rodriguez | Deca.


“Since we entrusted the management of our fiscal issues to RD Asesores, as well as always giving us a trustworthy, personal service, they’ve also shown great professionalism and efficiency. For that, we’ll continue to count on their collaboration to grow together for many years.”

Ricardo Freniche | Gala Decoración.

RD asesores counts upon the right professionals to respond to all necessities in the employment area. These services can be specified as the following:

  • Business creation.
  • Self employed workers
  • Management of grants for businesses and self employed workers
  • Management of work accidents and general medical absences.
  • Advice about contracting and staying up to date with all the reforms about bonifications and contracting grants.
  • Confection of payrolls and social insurances, work contracts, staff arrivals and departures, settlements.
  • Management of retentions, annual summaries, updating of IRPF.
  • Collective agreements, application and negotiation.
  • Processing of all administrative matters that affect your business.
  • Representation in work inspections, CMAC and Social Courts.
  • Information about the obligations related to working risks preventions, colaboration with credited companies.
  • Processing of all types of pensions or Social Security payments, disability, widowhood, retirement…
  • Foreigners processes
  • Home employees
  • We take on the defence in any social jurisdiction, any claim, not only in Málaga but in any other city, the firm is active in the courts of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Sevilla, Córdoba, Granada, Almería, Coruña, Vigo, Valladolid and a long etc.
  • We take on the negotiation with business personnel delegates or comitees as well as sindicates.

These are some of the many clients that trust in us:

You can call us on

952 217 346

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Plaza Uncibay, 8, 2nd floor, Málaga

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