“The good archer isn’t judged by his arrows, but by his accuracy”

Thomas Fuller

As a multidisciplinary firm, we place at your disposal a team of professionals that will fight for your interests and that will endeavour, in your name or in that of your company, the corresponding legal actions.

Our service is focused on the defence and representation of businesses and individuals, providing a quality service and an efficient and rapid service.

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  • Constitution and dissolution of companies.
  • Capital increases and reductions along with the accordion operation.
  • Partner agreements.
  • Company transformations.
  • Company statutes and agreements.
  • Advisory to company governing bodies.
  • Estate balancing restablishment.
  • Commercial contracts (renting, purchases, sales…).
  • Local, autonomic and state administration.
  • Advisory and representation against the public administration.
  • Public contracting, infrastructure and equipments.
  • Expert reports and certificates.
  • Urbanistic and territorial order law.
  • Environmental law.
  • Telecommunications law.
  • Constitutional law.
  • Regulated sectors (energy, insurance, gambling…).
  • Transport, communication, technology and leisure.
  • Personal data protection.
  • Resolution and sentence appeals.
  • Compensation and claims for dismissal.
  • Working conditions.
  • Social Security payments (physical and mental disabilities, amongst other things).
  • Advisory in employment matters (contracts, prevention of working risks, etc.).
  • Redaction of documents.
  • Resolution of employment conflicts.
  • Compensation for working accidents.
  • Common cause dissolution, extinction of condominium, legal division of property.
  • Urban and rustic rents: Resolution of all conflicts that they can cause.
  • Contracts: Redaction and analysis of all types of contracts.
  • Processes involving people’s capacities: Disability, naming of a legal tutor and accountability.
  • Processes involving the legal authorization to sell.
  • Amount reclamations.
  • New construction injunction, continuation of the chain of titles and registration of estates.
  • Declarations of domain.
  • Usurpation (adverse possession).
  • Nullity of contracts or pacts.
  • Execution of real rights.
  • Civil responsibility claims for damages derived from accidents and negligence.
  • Breaches of contract.
  • Claims for damages and resolution of contract enforcements.
  • Google right to present.
  • Marriage economic regimes.
  • Sentence breach or regulatory agreement.
  • Separation and divorce.
  • Legal couple separation.
  • Compensatory pension.
  • Paternity claims.
  • Claims for food impayment.
  • Guardianship, adoption and filiations.
  • Inheritances. Patrician’s notebooks.
  • Floor Clause claims.
  • Mortgage formalization costs.
  • Multicurrency mortgages.
  • Mortgages with IRPH.
  • Injunctions of banking contracts.
  • Advisory to businesses and individuals about financial products.
  • Advisory to financial entities.
  • Refinancing of debts.

La Mandagora

“With RD Asesores I’ve been able to reduce my problems with Hacienda to zero and dedicate all my efforts to my business.”
Rudolf Sandrik | Restaurant La Mandrágora.

Jorge Rojas

“The best thing about working with professionals isn’t how much they cost, but how much they benefit your business.”
Jorge Rojas | Makisoft.

Fresco Film

“We’d like to thank you for your professionalism and dedication in all of our projects. Thanks for your good work and the results obtained. You’re part of the success of our productions.”
Peter Welter | Fresco Film.


“Our group of businesses has worked with RD Asesores since it’s foundation. During all these years we’ve developed a professional relationship that has proven to be on of the keys to our success. Our most sincere thanks to Carlos, Juan Carlos and all their team for all the years of hard work and continuous success.”
Alberto Rojas | España incoming & incentives.


“For Deca, working day to day with the backing of RD Asesores is of vital importance. For us it’s a reassurance to know we count with their permanent and immediate advice. We’re delighted with their impeccable service and we’d like to highlight the work of each and every person that forms their team.”
Susana Rodriguez | Deca.


“Since we entrusted the management of our fiscal issues to RD Asesores, as well as always giving us a trustworthy, personal service, they’ve also shown great professionalism and efficiency. For that, we’ll continue to count on their collaboration to grow together for many years.”
Ricardo Freniche | Gala Decoración.

  • Derecho de Familia y matrimonial. Separaciones, divorcios, reclamaciones de paternidad, reclamaciones por impago de alimentos. Tutelas, adopciones y filiaciones.
  • Derecho de Seguros.
  • Derecho inmobiliario e hipotecario.
  • Propiedad Horizontal. Actuaciones profesionales relacionadas con las Comunidades de Propietarios.
  • Derecho de Arrendamientos. Arrendamientos urbanos y rústicos. Desahucios y Reclamaciones de cantidad.
  • Derecho de Sucesiones: Declaración de Herederos y Testamentarías. Herencias.
  • División judicial de patrimonios.
  • Procesos de Responsabilidad Civil, Contractual y Extracontractual.
  • Reclamación de impagados y deudas.
  • Indemnizaciones.
  • Responsabilidad civil contractual y extracontractual.

Asistencia letrada en todo tipo de procedimientos civiles ante Juzgados y Tribunales de lo civil, en
todas las ciudades y provincias de España.

Derecho Mercantil

  • Constitución y disolución de sociedades
  • Ampliación, reducción de capital y operación acordeón
  • Pactos entre socios
  • Transformaciones societarias
  • Acuerdos sociales
  • Estatutos sociales
  • Asesoramiento a órganos sociales
  • Restablecimiento del equilibrio patrimonial

Contratos Mercantiles

  • Inmobiliarios
  • Franquicia
  • Financiación
  • Distribución y Suministro
  • Seguros
  • Publicidad
  • Joint-Ventures
  • Condiciones Generales de la Contratación
  • Arrendamientos mercantiles
  • Compraventas mercantiles
  • Contratos de intermediación y representación mercantil
  • Colaboración

Derecho Administrativo

  • Administración local, autonómica y del Estado
  • Asesoramiento a las Administraciones Públicas
  • Contratación pública, infraestructuras y equipamientos
  • Derecho Urbanístico y Ordenación del Territorio
  • Derecho del Medio Ambiente
  • Derecho de las Telecomunicaciones
  • Sectores regulados (energía, seguros, juego…)
  • Transporte, comunicación, tecnología y ocio
  • Protección de datos de carácter personal
  • Salud y alimentación
  • Consumidores y usuarios
  • Asociaciones, fundaciones y otras entidades
  • Representación ante las Administraciones Públicas
  • Defensa en procedimientos administrativos
  • Derecho Administrativo Sancionador
  • Impugnación de resoluciones y sentencias
  • Responsabilidad patrimonial del Estado
  • Derecho Constitucional
  • Informes, dictámenes, periciales y certificaciones

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