“The good archer isn’t judged by his arrows, but by his accuracy”

Thomas Fuller

The services to debtors in the process of bankruptcy involve both preventive advice (legal auditing to evaluate the company’s risks) and curative advice.

RD Asesores provides services in bankruptcy matters to both debtors and creditors in all type of cases

Development of a viability plan, renegotiation of a debt outside of the bankruptcy process or, in final instance, the preparation, request and representation of the debtor in the voluntary process.

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La Mandagora

“With RD Asesores I’ve been able to reduce my problems with Hacienda to zero and dedicate all my efforts to my business.”

Rudolf Sandrik | Restaurant La Mandrágora.

Jorge Rojas

“The best thing about working with professionals isn’t how much they cost, but how much they benefit your business.”

Jorge Rojas | Makisoft.

Fresco Film

“We’d like to thank you for your professionalism and dedication in all of our projects. Thanks for your good work and the results obtained. You’re part of the success of our productions.”

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“Our group of businesses has worked with RD Asesores since it’s foundation. During all these years we’ve developed a professional relationship that has proven to be on of the keys to our success. Our most sincere thanks to Carlos, Juan Carlos and all their team for all the years of hard work and continuous success.”

Alberto Rojas | España incoming & incentives.


“For Deca, working day to day with the backing of RD Asesores is of vital importance. For us it’s a reassurance to know we count with their permanent and immediate advice. We’re delighted with their impeccable service and we’d like to highlight the work of each and every person that forms their team.”

Susana Rodriguez | Deca.


“Since we entrusted the management of our fiscal issues to RD Asesores, as well as always giving us a trustworthy, personal service, they’ve also shown great professionalism and efficiency. For that, we’ll continue to count on their collaboration to grow together for many years.”

Ricardo Freniche | Gala Decoración.

In representation of creditors, RD Asesores conducts all possible acts for the defense of your credits in a bankruptcy procedure. Also, the specialization of the different departments allows us to search for alternatives forms of defence of your credit right both in the penal and commercial areas.

We can also represent your interests acting as bankruptcy administrators, named by the commercial court assigned to your instance, which is a system through which an economist or lawyer from our firm will directly administer the assets and credits of the bankrupt company, field in which RD Asesores has ample experience.

The necessary bankruptcy process (the one requested by the company’s creditors) provides important advantages for the creditor that begins it, which is how RD Asesores has consolidated itself as one of the major specialists at a national level in this type of claim.

Our experience backs us up as expert professionals in bankruptcy matters.

For our intervention as bankruptcy administrators we count of the most qualified staff and the most advanced technical tools. For this, we place at the disposal of each process an interactive website in which we publish information of interest about the process, website that allows creditors the communication and following of their credits in a telematic and secure way, allowing them in this way to have the maximum agility and efficiency in the management of the bankruptcy process.

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