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“The most certain sign of wisdom is constant serenity”
Michel Eyquem de Montaigne

At RD Asesores, we know the responsibilities that running a business entails, and how much you can get weighed down by tax obligations, especially when you consider their enormous complexity, the everchanging legislature and the added difficulty of the rigid interpretation and application of the Taxing Laws by the Tax Office.

“Constance is the complement of all other human virtues” – Giuseppe Mazzini

RD Asesores’ main objective is to achieve the satisfaction of all our clients through our complete service where each one of you will be the main protagonist, receiving totally personalized treatment , adapted to your specific needs.

Our services cover multiple business areas, from advice on fiscal, accounting or workforce issues to legal assistance, claims against organizations, auditing, viability analysis and complete advisory on the internationalization of businesses.

In the legal department, our team of lawyers are specialists in trading and financial cases, specially in bankruptcy matters, as well as claims against financial entities due to the sales of toxic banking products (floor clause, mortgage expenses claims, claims of municipal capital gains, Swaps, clips, convertible bonds, etc).

In conclusion, at Rd Asesores, we thrive on a daily basis to generate an increased added value for our clients, combining experience with innovation, professionalism with personal treatment, flexibility with rigor and always focused on what we consider to be our main asset: Our clients.

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